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At PPF, we don't ascribe to any specific dietary plan.

We are not nutritionists, but we do try to live by Michael Pollan's rules of eating:

"Eat (real) food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

All of the recipes below have been tested and enjoyed by our family, and are easily modifiable for anyone with specific dietary needs. They focus on whole foods with lots of yummy veggies. Bon appetit!

Painted Porch Fitness is not affiliated with any of the websites or companies linked below.

Breakfast / Eggs

This is a great base to build off of - replace the chickpeas with winter squash, pile in all the herbs you get in your CSA box, add in additional protein or cheese. Tasty hot or cold!

A simpler version of shakshuka. Best with ripe summer tomatoes.

Salads / Sides

Add in some chicken or shrimp to make this a complete meal.

Indonesian salad/dipping sauce for raw and blanched veggies. Add in your protein of choice!

Nutty, spicy, truly addictive. Give kale a chance!

Crisp summer/autumn salad vibes!

Tons of veggies and easy to make ahead for packing lunches.

You probably didn't know that cabbage could be this delicious.

Easily sub in other veggies you love!

One Bowl Meals

Brisket-inspired flavor in a stew full of veggies. 

Indian stew that also works great in a slow cooker.

Egg roll flavors, no fried wrapper.

Korean rice/noodle bowl - this recipe calls for beef, but you can sub in any protein for a complete, veggie-packed meal.

In a bowl. On a baked potato. Topped with chips. Go to town.

Singapore rice noodles - easy to make and highly addictive.

Comforting yet light, and comes together quickly.

Easily modifiable one-pot dinner.

Sub in chicken or turkey sausage for a lighter option.

Food Prep Basics

Save those rotisserie chicken carcasses in your freezer then make this once you've got a few. High protein, collagen-rich broth for sipping, using in stews, or cooking grains.

Chicken breasts can so easily be dry and flavorless, but they're such a great way to get lean protein in your diet. This technique works like MAGIC. Moist, tender chicken breasts every time.

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