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Workout Modification for All Levels

Without a doubt, the most important thing to learn is how to modify these workouts to make them right for YOU. This is how we keep you safe, happy, and healthy! 

Here’s how it works: When you look at the workout of the day, you are looking at a version of the workout that may or may not be right for you, your equipment set up, or your current fitness level. In fact, from those of you who are here to get in shape and improve your health to those who are already in peak condition and are looking to stay there, the spectrum of athletes is so large that one workout cannot possibly be right for everyone. The very first step in the process of learning to modify these workouts is to get used to the idea right now: you are most likely not going to do exactly what is written in the workout of the day.


Then what ARE you going to do? 


You are going to learn, with my help, how to achieve something we call “relative intensity.” This means that if I do a workout as fast as I can and it takes me 10 minutes and at the end of it, I’m out of breath and my legs are tired, then we want you to ALSO do a workout that takes you about 10 minutes and at the end of it, you’re out of breath and your legs are tired. Maybe in my version, I was doing squats with 225 lbs and in your version you were sitting down on your couch and getting back up, but we both feel relatively the same. That’s relative intensity! Our workouts may look different, but we both achieved the same goal.


So how will you know what the goal is?


When you open the workout of the day, you’ll first see the workout written in its fullest form. Right after that, you’ll see a full lesson plan with my suggested warm up, workout, and cool down. For every movement listed, there will be a demo video showing all kinds of variations and you should be able to find one that is right for you. If you can’t, reach out to me and I will help you decide what to do! 


Within the workout details, I will explain what the GOAL of the day is and how you may want to modify your workout to reach that goal. Without that information, you may miss the intention of the workout and could end up doing way too much, which could sideline you with intense soreness or even injury. I cannot even express to you how much I DO NOT WANT THAT


Remember that the real goal of every session is to feel better at the end of it than you did before it. Moving your body and exercising should be a good time! The more you learn to modify these workouts to your own level, the more enjoyable these workouts will be. When you learn to enjoy it, taking care of your body and your mind won’t be a chore and instead, it will be the best hour of your day!

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