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Adrian Aguilar, Founder & Coach

Painted Porch Fitness is an affordable, friendly solution to all of your fitness needs.

Each week, you'll receive workouts you can do in a gym or at home with

minimal equipment - plus guidance and help from a highly qualified coach

and support from an online community of workout buddies! 

Tina Gluschenko

I dropped my gym membership to join PPF. I was drawn to the idea that, for the same low cost as my gym membership, I would have daily workouts designed and demonstrated by a professional trainer, AND an open line of communication to him to ask questions about anything, any time. I am learning about working out more effectively and efficiently for the first time in my 50+ years of life! Adrian is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also extremely passionate about teaching and motivating others. And the community support and conversations on-line between PPF members are inspiring and motivating – something extra that I didn’t expect. I can’t recommend PPF enough!

— Tina Gluschenko

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