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Painted Porch Fitness is free fitness programming for everyone.

Born out of the COVID pandemic, Painted Porch was started as an easy fitness solution for folks working out at home or needing guidance at the gym. For nearly 3 years, we provided weekly, modifiable workout programming to our members... But life changed, and our little family can no longer give Painted Porch and its members the individualized attention they deserve.


So now, what used to be a subscription-based, weekly programming cycle is now a free resource for anyone who might benefit from it! Over 400 workouts PLUS multiple strength training cycles, including warm-ups, cool-downs, modification solutions, and video tutorials for every prescribed movement - and it's all free for your use. 

By participating in Painted Porch Fitness programming, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of this site. In short, that means:

  • You are participating in this training program at your own risk.

  • Painted Porch Fitness is not responsible for injury or damages incurred while performing our fitness programming.

  • Don't steal the intellectual property of this site.

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